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Ok, well let me introduce myself, I’m Little Pickle and I’m 21 months old. I seem to be the constant butt of my Mum’s jokes on this blog…’oh look what mess she’s got into this time’ and the like. Well I’m sick of it, and whilst I’m at it, all her whining. So its time to tell my side of the story. She says she doesn’t blog as much as she’d like ’cause by the time I’ve gone to bed she’s got all sorts of grown up things to do like washing and cleaning the house and paying important things called bills. So its down to me to do the big grown up job of writing a blog post.  Can’t get the staff these days, gotta do it myself. I reckon she’s just wasting her evenings away faffing about on that thing called Headbook or whatever, or tapping the computer keys writing those a-mail thingies, and watching pointless things on the telly (when really she should be watching Peppa Pig anyway). Besides, I don’t know what’s she’s whining about, she has it easy, she spends all day playing at making tents with me, making useless towers that I have to knock down to show her how rubbish they are, and I also allow her to help me making some food. I play along at playing peekaboo, but she’s a bit rubbish at it, she keeps asking where I’ve gone when all I’ve done is shut my eyes. Dad does it too – hopeless they are, I do worry about their intelligence sometimes. Honestly, 2 PhDs between my parents, plus a few other degrees and they can’t even figure out that I’m still here when I shut my eyes. Clueless.

I’m the one that does all the hard work round here anyway. Whilst my Mum was preparing all this tasty looking grub for lunch,

I was working hard at providing her with a priceless piece of art by getting my black crayon and drawing her a lovely picture on the kitchen lino. You’d have thought she’d appreciate it, it could have been a masterpiece, but no, she told me I had to scrub it off with her. And then, the cheek of it! She was annoyed when I actually enjoyed myself scrubbing the floor, ’cause it was meant to be some sort of punishment for drawing on the floor when she’d told me to draw ‘only on the paper’. How am I meant to remember that from 2 seconds ago? Honestly am I meant to remember everything? Anyway, she seemed a bit peed off still, so I went to help her out with folding the clean washing in the other room. I dunno why she hates folding washing, its easy  – step one, throw yourself onto clean washing basket, step two – throw everything out the basket , step three- turn basket over and read a book – done. Quit complaining Mum, you have it so easy, my life is hard, so many books to read, so little time. Especially when you make me have those things called naps where I miss out on all the fun.

I'm a good washing helper - see?

We had a good lunch today anyway, and Mum’s friend appreciated all the tasty grub we’d made. It seems that Mum’s friend is into this whole raw food thing too, I don’t quite get it to be honest, why is this food any different from any other food? All I know is that my Mum is secretly proud when I have a mini toddler meltdown in the supermarket ’cause I want an apple, dates or prunes rather than that scarily coloured cr*p full of preservatives and artificial stuff like other kids demand. Although she was a bit embarassed yesterday when I yelled ‘POOONES EAT MUMMY!’ at the top of my voice yeserday in Tesco. It seems that my ennuciation of ‘prunes’ sounded a bit like ‘poos’. I don’t get it anyway, all I know is I like pooones, and fruit and kale, and Mummy is hoping I’ll still like them when I’m older and not eat cr*p like most other kids. I particularly enjoyed our lunch today of carrot and orange salad, courgette noodles in pesto and chard wraps with satay sauce. All of these sauces make hair masks you know. Mummy doesn’t appreciate the importance of having silky smooth hair at the dinner table, but I know better. What I also don’t get is why Mummy was so excited that her pal brought a pineapple and baby courgettes as a gift today when she came for lunch, isn’t that normal to bring people stuff when you go for a meal at their house? I’d have prefered if it was bananas or mushrooms to be honest as I always get straight into those when the veg box comes. But Mummy seemed quite chuffed. Whatever, some people are easily pleased eh?

Here’s a recipe if you’d like to try some of our lunch (well not our actual lunch obviously, as we’ve eaten it, but you know what I mean. I’m a toddler so not always 100% clear anyway. Mum just spent a week trying to work out what I meant by ‘Mi Tu’ – I was trying to tell her I wanted to watch Mr Tumble, obviously. Honestly, and she calls herself an intelligent person) Anyhoo, here’s some grub recipes;

Carrot and orange salad

3 carrots grated (in the food processor is easy, especially if you get me to help and push the buttons)

1 orange, segmented (and squeeze remaining juice from the pith over carrots. I s’pose you should probably get your Mum to help with this bit cos its involves using a sharp knife and mine practically has a heart attack if I even breathe over one)

2 tbsp raisins/sultanas

pinch salt/pepper

drizzle of olive oil

Mix with a big spoon and throw half of it over the worktop – done.

Chard wraps

Take one huge leaf of chard and cut it up or several small ones

Add into the middle of the chard, strips of carrot, cucumber, avocado and alfalfa sprouts (not pepper cos I hate it and won’t touch the stuff)

Drizzle over a sauce made from 1 tsp of 5 spice or hoisin sauce (Mum says I have to tell you its not raw – but it IS tasty), 1 tsp nut butter, drizzle of chilli oil, splash of water or coconut milk. Then mix and again, splash all over worktop as well as getting a bit onto the chard wraps. Roll up and get all over your face as you eat. Oh and I had some with (non-raw) hummous too, cos I love the stuff.

Chard wraps, great for smearing all over your hair

Hope you’ve enjoyed my guest blog today, I reckon its loads better than my Mum’s lame efforts. Maybe I’ll sneak onto the computer again whilst she’s not looking and post again. I’m a child of the computer generation after all – she can’t even touch type and didn’t get an email address till she was 19. I, on the other hand have had one since birth. 🙂 That qualifies me for a lot I reckon. S’pose I’d better go to bed now, lots of ‘helping’ to do tomorrow and mort importantly, playing with all the interesting stuff before Mummy takes it off me, like car keys, phones and buttons on the oven that set alarms off. Hours of fun.

Night night, Love Little Pickle x

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YAY! I’m back!

We had to have our computer fixed cos the screen wasn’t working and the keys were falling off 😦 poops. Thankfully it was just days still within its year warrantee, so lucky us, got it fixed for free, but it did mean we had no computer for aaaaaaggggggges. So no blogging for me. But YAY I’m back now 🙂

Been making lots of yummy stuff to share, but mostly I’ve been ‘eating’ as little pickle calls it, lots of juice. She doesn’t quite understand that we drink liquids and eat food. everything consumed is eating to her. When I’ve made my juice she demands ‘Mummy! eat juice, eat juice!’

Made a super delish coconut milk and orange juice, lovely a frothy like a milkshake. Really filling and great for brekkie, or lunch…or afternoon snack, or dinner, anytime really, could drink it all day!

frothy coconut milk and orange juice drink


Also made another yumbo concoction, freshly squeezed pink grapefruit jucie, tsp coconut sugar, squeeze of lime and topped up with sparkling water – tastes like those fizzy drinks I don’t drink anymore cos they’re full of either sugar or nasty sweeteners – so tasty!

Fizzy pop - raw stylee

After the lovely Emma told me how to soften up my raw kelp noodles (by putting citrus juice into the soak water) I had a delish kelp satay noodle salad. Made a sauce to put on the soaked kelp noodles which was nut butter (I used cashew butter), tamari, chilli oil, 5 spice powder, tiny bit of coconut nectar for sweetness and a splash of coconut milk to mix it all up. I poured the sauce over the kelp noodles and stirred around a bit. Then I had the noodles on a bed of alfafa sprouts and mixed salad leaves with cucumber – asian inspired raw goodness. Awesome.

Raw satay noodle salad


And with that I bid you a raw goodnight, off to enjoy some raw tiramisu and some raw raspberry chocs….recipes to follow! x

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Catch up…

Yeah, I know, haven’t blogged in AGES! Been too busy enjoying myself 😉 Made an awesome trifle from my pal Star’s blog – check this out – totally

So easy, and had everything in the house already. Yumbo. Little pickle wouldn’t even try it, but me and the ma-in-law loved it.

Also made some super yum carob coconut truffles

Carob coconut truffles

Sorry, but not giving away this recipe cos I’m going to start selling either the whole truffles, or the recipe in my recipe book in the next few months, watch this space!  I can say, they’re absolutely AWESOME! Love ’em!

Little pickle helping me juice some orange for the truffles 🙂

Also, sent a raw food taster box out to some friends for the ‘Pay it Forward’ campaign on facebook where you promise to send out a handmade gift to the first 5 people to comment on your profile, on the condition that they do the same and pass on 5 hand made gifts to others.  My hand made gift included maca flapjacks (from Kate Magic’s recipe book – Raw Magic), banana fruit roll ups, carob coconut truffles, strawberry dark chocolates (all my own recipes). Seemed to go down well! May well be selling something very similar once the council approve my food safety certificate.

Raw Food Taster Pack - maca flapjacks, banana fruit leather, carob coconut truffles, strawberry dark chocs


Been back into smoothies for brekkie and lunch, as a change from raw granola for brekkie and salads for lunch. Smoothies are so quick and easy. And so easy to get all your greens and lots of goodness in too 🙂 This one was ace!  Frozen cherries, kale (lots of), raw cacao powder, vanilla extract and coconut nectar. A kind of green smoothie, that is in fact purple 😉

Cherry, kale and chocolate smoothie - super yumbo!


And finally….this is what happens when you put your veg box out of the way of your inquisitive toddler, by putting it behind the child gate into the utility room. You leave the room, and come back in to find your toddler gone, and a forlorn leek, stuck half way through the gate, abandoned when the leek got stuck….It even had a few teeth marks in the end…. made me chuckle so had to take a pic 😉

one abandoned leek....

 Until next time, enjoy your raw munching 🙂 x

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soundtrack to my last few days…

Missy Higgins -she’s awesome!! Can’t stop playing her vids on You Tube – love this one in particular ‘Where I Stood’, although its quite sad, I just love it – she’s so talented.

Anyhoo, that’s been keeping me going whilst I un-cook up these delights

choc mint torte with swirly cashew cream topping

I made this from Matthew Kenney’s, Everyday Raw, the hazelnut pie, but substituted the hazelnut extract for mint as we prefer mint. Its basically an oaty choccie crust, with cashew and coconut filling,flavoured with mint. Also had a bit of cashew cream left over from making something else, so melted it to a liquid an swirled it around the top with a chopstick to look pretty. I took this to a church pot luck lunch and it seemed to go down pretty well!

Also made an asian inspired noodle dish for lunch today with kelp noodles.

asian kelp noodles

Got some kelp noodles recently. Hmmm, still not sure about them. I soaked a handful of kelp noodles in warm water for a hour. I had some soaked cashews that I’d blended to a cream (not seasoned so plain and able to use for any dish, sweet or savoury) so I mixed that into the noodles along with a tsp of thai green curry paste (not totally raw but I reckon the odd bit of stuff like this is fine in my book, if it helps me eat lots of fresh raw fruit and veg), then I chucked it all in a bowl with a tbsp chopped fresh pineapple, I chopped spring onion, 2cm finely chopped fresh ginger, 2 chopped mushrooms, and a small chunk of chopped cucumber. Yumbo! still not 100% convinced about the kelp noodles to be honest as they are a bit crunchy, even with hours of soaking, but the rest of it I loved.Might get use to the crunch?!

Also made a delish salad with raw marinated wild scottish salmon. I’m not totally raw vegan, and I do love a bit of raw (or cold smoked) salmon, in salads and sushi. It also has capers in, which aren’t totally raw either but hey, I like to live wild 😉 I figure that I eat a large quantity of raw unadulterated fruit and veg, and the odd bit of cooked stuff is fine as long as its not highly processed, fried, pre packaged cr*p. If I were seriouly ill I might think differently, but this works for me right now, so I’ll keep at it. The salad was basically everything in my salad draw, a bit of everything. A lot of people don’t like iceberg lettuce but I actually do. I doesn’t have a lot in it except water but I love the crunch. I add other dark leaves as well for the iron, minerals, vitamins etc, but I really like iceberg so I goes in all my salads. I made a honey, mustard and lemon, olive oil dressing to put over it. Tasty.

marinated wild scottish salmon salad - mmmmm swim swim swim little fishies...right into my tum

Now you can imagine me dancing like a maniac to Missy Higgins all around my kitchen whilst I make these tasty goodies. ooooh yeah yum.

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mmmmmm tiramisu

Been meaning to post this for a while. I made a raw cafe gratitude tiramisu recipe the other day and WOW! I’m in a grump to be honest, but the thought of the last piece of raw tiramisu is lifting my spirits. Had a rubbishy day with all sorts of things breaking – my car, my favourite huge kitchen pot, another random kitchen gadget, and little pickle’s cot. Then took car all the way to the garage in Edinburgh, they looked at it and found nothing wrong (and charged me 60 quid for checking it), yet the problem appeared all the way home. Arrrgh, we have a dual fuel car and the LPG light keeps going on, showing that there is some problem with the LPG usage. The traffic home was awful, little pickle screamed all the way home, and I could barely see with the torrential rain – arrrrrgghh!

But the sight of this has just made me breathe a big sigh of relief and smile

Raw tiramisu - coffee flavour cake base, chocolate irish moss mousse, more coffee cake and cashew vanilla cream on top


I don’t feel I can just cut and paste the recipe but its from this book, and I know my version doesn’t look quite as good as the one of the cover (which is also tiramisu), but frankly I don’t care, I still think its looks pretty darn fine and tastes AMAZING! sometimes we all need a bit of indulgence eh?! and today is certainly one of those days!

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Belated new year’s resolutions

Yes I know it’s already the 10th Jan, but I keep forgetting to post my new year’s resolutions! Firstly I want to remember to sprout more, no not out my ears or nose, but alfalfa, beans and the like. I already have a jar sprouting on my window sill, and I just have to remember that they are there before they go slimy and I have to chuck them out as per usual. I also want to be more organised about my raw foodie meals and plan a bit better, so I can easily up the percentage of raw food I eat. Currently its about 70-80% and I know I’d feel even more amazing if I upped the percentage even more. Also, I resolve this year to have way more fun! And show my daughter that life is for living and having fun 🙂 Lastly I resolve to do more random acts of kindness and make someone’s day. Before Christmas I set up a project to collect food and clothes and wrap them up into prettily wrapped boxes and donate them to local homeless and newly rehomed families and individuals. I always try and make the effort to say something nice to random people I meet; in shops, at events, on the phone, in the street. People love to be complimented and often a stressed and grumpy face breaks into a smile once you start to chat with them. Having a cute toddler with me often helps too 😉 I often call up companies that have done a really good job and tell them so, they love it, and it makes me feel really good too. people usually only ever call to complain, so I love making someone’s day by telling them they’re doing an awesome job! Also, if you DO have a complaint to make, it softens the blow to tell them what they did really well first, and after. I have a friend who calls this the sh*t sandwich – tell them something good, followed by the bad thing, then round up with something good. It’s a good tactic for if you do need to complain I find. I want to do all these things to bring more good feelings into my life, my life is pretty amazing, but it can always be better right?! And a tad more luscious and yummy raw food can certainly help that.

I was craving a warm milky drink the other night but didn’t want it to be hot choc – I really wanted a creamy fruity drink – so came up with this;

Raspberry Milk - a lot like Nesquick, but full of natural flavour, not crap, preservatives and scary additives

Raspberry milk

1 cup of almond milk

½ tsp vanilla

pinch of salt

½ tbsp coconut nectar

2 tbsp frozen raspberries

½ tbsp lecithin

Blend all in the vitamix till warm. The lecithin is amazing, full of goodness and also makes the milk thick and creamy.

Also been filling up the dehydrator today, got 2 types of flax crackers; BBQ chilli and cinnamon and apple, plus 2 trays of wasabi kale chips.

one full dehydrator - 2 types of flax crackers, plus wasabi kale chips


I went to a fantastic health food shop yesterday in Edinburgh, that I don’t get to go to often. They have loads of raw stuff and I love browsing all their stuff. I bought and tried some kombucha, raw salsa crackers, guacamole, raw chocolate from Kate Magic, plus a load of other ingredients I needed; hemp seeds, sundried tomatoes, cacao nibs, kale (hence the kale chips), and some coconut water. Yummalicious. Still not 100% sure about the kombucha, I don’t like the smell, as it smells a bit vinegary. Its made from fermented tea and it meant to have all sorts of amazing health giving properties, I think I like it,  still not quite sure! I bought one with grapefuit, and they also make other flavours, and had the ginger one in the shop I was in.

I’m really excited at the mo cause a friend of mine has recently discovered the power of raw and is coming for lunch next week! Can’t wait to un-cook up a storm for her! Have been perusing my raw recipe books for inspiration, and have a few ideas but don’t want to tell you cos I bet she’s gonna read this 😉

Also my bestest ever bud had her first baby on Saturday night- soooooo excited its untrue. What raw treats would you send a new mama in need of some energy and pampering? any ideas?

Best get back to my sprouts, and having some more fun…. 😉

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waiting , waiting, waiting….

For the POST! We got our first post today for weeks. 2 Christmas cards and some unexciting junk mail. But I’m waiting for lots of parcels, including various Christmas presents and in particular some rawtella from Kate Magic

I am SO excited about this and wish it would hurry up. It was meant to be delivered today then got some email saying it was being rescheduled for delivery???? no idea why and was gutted!

We did however, get our veg box today which meant I could make some yummy salads for tea. We had an enormous pile of carrots to use up from previous veg boxes, so I made some of my yummalicious carrot, apple and ginger juice. I also made some cooked, sugar free, vegan carrot cake too for little pickle as she does love cake! She helped me make it in the food processor and loved turning the machine on and then the obligatory licking of the spatula of course (which was fine for her to do, cos it was all vegan, so no yukky uncooked eggs in there). And I’m planning on making some raw carrot cake in the next few days, but tonight is my chill out night, so will do it another day. Not tried raw carrot cake so will blogify it when I do it I promise.

From some of the leftover grated carrot I made a carrot and orange salad, and then some delicious spinach and hemp salad, along with one of my raw almond burgers for tea.

Carrot and orange salad, spinach and hemp salad, raw almond burger


Carrot and Orange Salad

grated carrot

1 orange, zest grated over carrot, and fruit chopped in small pieces and mixed through

handful of raisins and cranberries soaked in orange juice for 2 hours

pinch of salt

Spinach Salad

handful of washed spinach

massage in (till it looks wilted) a tsp of tomato olive oil, 1/2 tsp sesame oil, 1/2 tsp Braggs liquid aminos, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Leave to wilt at room temperature till ready to eat (or you could eat it straight away), then sprinkle with shelled hemp seeds and chomp.

I made an amazing discovery the other day – I can make raw ice magic. Do you remember that stuff from the 80s that you squeezed out the tube and it set hard on ice cream? I loved the stuff, I made some raw banana ice cream yesterday (frozen bananas whizzed in the vitamix with a splash of water, vanilla and a touch of maple syrup) and made a choc sauce to go on it, it set hard – just like ice magic. Fan-blinking-tastic.

Choc sauce was made from 1 tsp raw cacao butter, melted, 1/2 tsp raw cacao powder, 1 tsp agave, pinch of salt, and vanilla. Mix and pour over ice cream.

Raw banana ice cream, coconut pie, and raw ice magic choccie sauce!

Well, that’s enough food porn for today 😉 I just hope that my parcels and rawtella arrive tomorrow. I need chocolate!

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